Watex is back

Check it out guys, the legend Watex is back. He is now posting on his blog now that he is back. For people that don’t know Watex. He was a CP cheats blogger and was really famous. He was like Mimo and Riffy put together. He made an army called the Watex Warriors and were huge. They would usually fill up 2 rooms in CP. His old site got suspended and made a new site. He later quit but now he came back.

Check out his site at http://clubpenguintools.wordpress.com/

Gw vs Iw Practice Battle Results/promos?

Flipper: Today we had an unscheduled recruiting/training session, with some pretty good results:

Full chat.

Riotors Edit: Flipper please add ATM 23, Sclooperis, Blackmj2, and Pen Roy to the ranks.

Well we did great against IW, but we ran into many many problems. First we spent almost 30 minutes trying to find a server, then cp kept glitching and at one point it showed about 16 GW on sarimsoccers screen and only 4 on mine. Everytime we would move cp would glitch and delete some people off our screens. It was wierd. But anyways if Cp had not glitched I still think that IW would have won since they still outnumbered us. Congrats Ice Warriors! But great job guys. Here are the only non-glitched pictures I could get.

I emailed Club Penguin about the glitching so I will tell you more later.

We showed good amounts at the battle and if it wasn’t for Club Penguin glitching this would have been a great battle. We may be rescheduling it later so Saiyaman will have more details on that.




Promotions are soon and I (riotors) will be doing them. Well there will be alot more promotions than demotions since all our active soldiers and we only have a couple inactive.

We want to know now if you think that you deserve a promotion? Fill in the form.

Your club penguin name:

Your rank in gw:

Are you active on chat:

Do you deserve a promo and why:

This will help us on promotion day coming either Monday or Tuesday. If you do not get promoted this time and are active then probably by next month you will be promoted.


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Rio’s Edit: actually we have unscheduled recruiting sessions almost every day….

;as you no HSA is growing rapididly we cannot let them grow to big we might need to invade or do something, we just cant let them grow too big, or we will be stuck in 5th and 6th largest, and plus we need to recruit more, i say at least one a week/ 2 weeks we need to get known on CP more, Look at ACP they have n00bs running all over Mammoth, im not saying we want n00bs in our army but we need to get more recruiting in.  (Dont forget Promos Rio) (danny gets a promo i say)

if you agree/accpet what im saying  with me sign your name under mine



~Cold Pizza LOL JK

~Riotors (part way) Read my edit above post.

~Swimmy Blue~


Happy Thanksgiving!

wat do u think of dis comment plz –>http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu330/mattschams9/coolGW.jpg

>>>owners/editor or abovebe sure to read teh post a few down (protected)<<<

Juneau2 edit: come take a look at our new tv show Mogulus.com/GWshow (this was juneau’s idea (saiy make meh broadcaster) *wary*
another edit bye june (XD): my first u-tube video *goo*

Update: Don’t forget about our Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors Saturday. We are expecting a great turnout. https://cpssworld.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/gw-vs-iw/

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Today is thanksgiving for all Americans. So go out and eat your delicious Turkeys 8). Just remember, that while your eating, also think about what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for many things including all our loyal soldiers to this army. All our soldiers are what makes up this army and each and every one of you deserve a thank you in person, but there is just too many soldiers to do that. So I would like to thank ALL of you for being a great, loyal soldier to the Golden Warriors.

What are you thankful for? Comment away!!!



UPDATE: While this post is about the 5 leaders being equal, we would be nothing without our soldiers. Our recruits is what makes up this army and I would like to thank each and every one of you for being a large part in the Golden Warriors



“Equal”, a strong word that has been used all over history. Now we need to use it in the Golden Warriors. Each and every soldier is equal and no leaders have a favorite. But the soldiers and the rest of the people may not seen it the other way around. Who do you consider more important? Saiyaman, Riotors, Flipper, Swimmy, or Zelmania? The answer is all of them. The Golden Warriors could not have been this succesful without any of the people listed above.

Saiyaman Xc

Lead the Ghost warriors and suggested the merge between the 3 armies (CPSS, GW, CPF). He is now the person that leads almost every event in GW due to his good tactics. He usually handles wars with other armies but the other leaders also do it. Respected by all the soldiers. One thing that holds him back is his laziness in posting.


Creator and Leader of the CPSS. Really cares about the army and puts dedication into his work. He does most of the posting about events and keeps the site up to date. Leads if I am absent in an event. Respected in many armies and army leaders. Makes good alliances and is a hard worker.


Also a leader of the Ghost Warriors that kept the army alive. He helped set up the merge with Zelmania and Riotors. He is now one of the most respected leader by the UK soldiers. He keeps the ranks up to date and all of our UK soldiers active on chat and CP. Our size wouldn’t be that big without him.


Creator and Leader of the CPF. Without the army our size wouldn’t be big. He was really active during the summer. But got inactive due to his parents taking away his computer. He is a kind leader and GW wouldn’t have existed without him. He was the one who suggested the new name “Golden Warriors”.


A legend in CPSS. Every soldier looked up to swimmy in CPSS. When we merged we decided that he deserved a spot at leader since people looked up to him. He later became inactive due to school but is still a leader that should be treated equally.

Even though you may think Saiyaman, Riotors, or Flipper are main Leaders because they are the most active, but they are not. There are 5 leaders and all of those 5 are equal in leadership and should be respected equally. This goes to everyone in CP armies. Don’t get fooled on who is the main leader of GW because WE DO NOT HAVE A MAIN LEADER.



There was recently 2 epic backgrounds that were made for GW chat. We could not decide on chat so we are now deciding to put up. Click the links below to view the background and then vote

Background 1

Background 2

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/2304285″>Take Our Poll</a>
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Forums for GW!

Hey guys smiley here!

If you guys like forums then you should join the GW forums! If you’ve never tried forums then come on and join the GW forums!

The forums are: http://goldenwarriors.forumotion.com/

To join go to: http://goldenwarriors.forumotion.com/profile.forum?mode=register



The Warrior


The Tournament is Saturday

Where this uniform for the native american team! At least be brown.



Server: Outback

Room: Start at Ski Village

When: November 28th

Time: 4:00 pm PST , 5:00 pm MST , 6:00 pm CST , 7:00 pm EST, 12:00 UK

!!!REMINDER!!! GW vs IW *TODAY…make sure you come*

 UPDATE: The Battle Is Today at 12:00 pst. Make sure you come!

Are you ready to battle?


Well the Ice Warriors are a very great army, under acp by a small amount. So we will be having a Practice Battle against them. This is just a practice battle, but it is important to GW. Soo….do not forget about it! Here are the details!

Practice Battle With The Ice Warriors

When: Saturday, November 28 (TOMORROW)

Where: Sub Zero, Snow Forts

Times: 12:00pm pst

1:00pm mst

2:00pm cst

3:00pm est

8:00pm uk

*Be there 30-45 minutes early*

Chat: Gw Chat. Click here.

>>>This Event Is Worth 8 Gold Coins<<<

If you comment saying that you can come, I expect to see you there. We WILL reward everybody that does come. I expect to have a great battle against the Ice Warriors. Also this battle will probably help me out on the promotions. What do you say? Lets win this!!!



Who celebrates Thanksgiving?

Click here to view the beginning of the new era for GW!

Rio’s Edit: Oh then great job Sai 😛 and nice pictures then flipper.

~**~New Chat Graphics Coming Soon~**~

Sai edit- Hey I’m the one who started the recruiting session (D). Flipper took the pictures xP

Rio’s Edit: Sweet job Flipper. The Native American team WILL pwn :P. Also if you see El64, Huladude, Ruler6413, or Kubmeiy around please help them out. This is their first club penguin army.

Edit: WE HAD A PWNING UNSCHEDULED RECRUITING SESSION! Here are the owning pics: ( And this was unscheduled) 8)

The first half of the more then full chat,

Flipper Here.

Here in GW, we respect every nation that our soldiers come from, and I for one know Thanksgiving is coming up in some countries, and I thought it would be cool to celebrate our soldiers Thanksgivings! Now, CPAZ have recently scheduled a Thanksgiving tournament, and I thought it would be quite fun, here is the information:

First off, a couple of weeks ago I posted about the World War For Fun but I want to change into a fun thing,instead ”In Honor of Veterans” we should do an ”Honor of Thanksgiving!” The Armies will be in a group,2 groups ”Pilgrims and Native Americans” and both groups will be fighting each other.Also , Each Group will have an uniform,for example if ACP are native americans then they have to wear as a native american.The uniforms are below.

Native American Uniform:


Pilgrims Uniform:


Here are the teams:

Pilgrim Team:

  • Ice Warriors(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Nachos
  • Watex Warriors
  • Underground Mafias Army
  • Hot Sauce Army(ACCEPTED)
  • Black Panthers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team…



Pilgrim Team:

  • Army Of Club Penguin(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Golden Warriors(ACCEPTED)
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Tacos
  • Black Bandits(ACCEPTED)
  • Club Penguin Sun Troopers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team…


  • No Bots
  • Don’t say ”WE WON!!!” because that’s kinda noobish,the decision will be made from CPAZ.
  • Be Honest
  • Betrayal is allowed.
  • No Cheating
  • Have Fun!


Saw(Feephill)and Chris(SmSm3)


Server: Outback

Room: All Over

When: November 28th

Time: 4:00 pm PST , 5:00 pm MST , 6:00 pm CST , 7:00 pm EST


Can’t see your Army’s position? Please enlarge the picture by clicking it


  • Green: Army of Club Penguin
  • Light Blue: Ice Warriors
  • Purple: Tacos
  • Orange: Watex Warriors
  • Light Orange: Nachos
  • Gold: Golden Warriors
  • Red and Black: Underground Mafias Army
  • Red: Hot Sauce Army
  • Aqua and Red: Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Black: Black Bandits and the other Armies…

If you want to be in this event please post this on your site! Thanks for your cooperation! We hope this Event will be a blast!

See you at the Event Club Penguin Armies!

So what do you think? This isn’t a really a UK event, but come if you can!


The Beginning of a New Era

EDIT: The CPL army is invading Yeti from MFW. We are not getting involved since CPL is our allies and we think they are only invading MFW’s portion of the server. If they chose to invade ours too, then thats when we get involved and make them suffer 😉

When the Golden Warriors were formed we had MAJOR results. Our chat was always full, we had ALOT of soldiers at battles, and  we were a successful army. Now we have grown to an even larger size, but as we are growing, we are lacking our chat. We still get alot more people on club penguin, but our chat is not as great as it should be. If you do not know our chat is xat.com/GWarmy. If we can keep almost a full chat on at all times, then we would be able to take almost every army. Instead we have certain people that get on chat all the time and some that just gets on whenever a battle is taking place. Now here is the beginning of a new/better era for the Golden Warriors.

  1. If you are on chat alot each week, we will reward you with golden coins.
  2. Each time we kick butt in a battle, we will now promo 1 person afterwards.
  3. Whenever we reach a full chat, 1 member will be a mod for 1 hour & 1 mod will be an owner for 1 hour.
  4. All of the above only takes place if you are active on chat.

Now are we a falling army? No! We are rising, but as we are rising old soldiers do not feel the need to get on chat anymore until battle time. So this will hopefully change things. We want EVERYBODY, old and new soldiers, on chat whenever they can. This is now the beginning of a new Era for the Golden Warriors. A better Era. The Golden Warriors will and are rising to be a great army. Just keep up the hard work guys.


Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!