Tournament Part 2

Tournament Part 2!

When: April 4, Sunday

Time: 12:00 PST, 1:00 MT, 2:00 CST, 3:00 EST. 8:00 GMT

Where: Snow Fort,  Snow Forts

Why: To show we can win!

*Originally made by Jerry2cool, leader of the Golden Troops*

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March On!

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Retirement of Blazeboy136

Well Peoplez,

It is my time to retire from all the armies I am in. I am 14, and have had a fun few years on Club Penguin. I have been around for the longest time, and have made amazing great friends. My best friends that I will remember are, Turtleboy402, Pringle64, Rice44, Pochoma123, Panthers Bas, Hurricane, and Coolkid4040. We are tight as a fat womans thong. Everyone knows that I am commited, and if you hate me then you can suck my nuts. If you dont I will dick slap you so hard you will have a black eye. Well sinse you guys know the present me, let maiself tell you about my Club Penguin Warefare past.

The new leaders of Club Penguin Fire Ducks are  Turtleboy402, Coolkid4040, and Khris!

The main reson for my retirement is, I am addicted, and am now getting something I have always wanted. I new life, a life away from Club Penguin, and computers. The great leaders who retired that found this out are Person, Pringle, Puck, and many more. Just cause they took a step out and found the fresh air and more importantly a new damn life!

In 2007 I saw a commercial about “Club Penguin” and I was thinking in my head… “I am going to dick slap the man who invented this cause it is epic!” Well actually it was “Sounds fun”. But that is besides the point. My sister made an account before me named Rockgirl11, and she was super oober rare. I made an account called Gph156 and he got banend cause I said “RAPE ME GARY!” yes gay I know. So I hacked my sisters and played. Then in 2008 I decided to make a penguin named Gph136 and a penguin named Blazeboy136. I played on Gph136 a lot and found an epic group of peoples named “Tacos” (The Epic Pringle’s Tacos not the fagbag Riffy Tacos). I found there site and joined. No one frikin noticed me. Once the Tacos merged with a crap load of armies and made the Fire Warriors I was still a low rank. Then that army merged with another and created Roman Fire Warriors. I decided to make my own army named Marines of Club Penguin. We were pretty big then I wanted to make a new army named Blaze Warriors! So I retired from MCP and became a BW creator. We got large and soon after we got hacked by Aweiy, we merged into Fire Warriors. Now that I am Second in Command of RFW, I am going to give my position to a wisefull person. Wait is wisefull a word? I don’t know and don’t care. Well the people I would like to thank are,

Turtleboy402: He is my best friend on chat and Club Penguin. He is now the Leader of Club Penguin Fire Ducks alone and is the greatest leader of CPFD history. Please take care of them and DON’T ever merge into an army or I will come back and take over again!

Pringle64: He is perverted and funny. Tought me how to make some epic graphics, and gave me a chance to become a RFW/FW legend, with the merge that was forever great.

Rice44: He was one of the first people to give me a chance in FW/RFW. He was the one who wanted me to be 2nd in command, and gave me the  Red Warriors army. Thanks braddah.

Pochoma123: He was the man who made me a 2nd in command in RFW/FW. He gave me the chance no one did. I thank him. His cheat site became large, and amazing. He has came along way sinse I met him in the Tacos.

Panthers Bas: He is a wierd person. Made me realise that patience is key. And that leading may be tough but stick it out, and you will be fine.

Coolkid4040: Well your a jerk, annoying, stupid, but your a good friend. Your a great leader and are now taking my spot as Leader of CPFD.

Saiyaman Xc: He gave me all the chances in Golden Warriors. I wish we stayed, and got back up but we cant change reality. So thanks for all your help my Mexican boy.

Thanks, and if I missed you then sorry. On chat I will be known as James or Cj. Ok, well by the slim chance I come back I would like to ask Rice, Poch, and Turtle if I may be 2ic/leader again? Comment if yes. I will also stay CPFD Advisor until we get medium or major. What ever comes first.

~Forever Known As Blazeboy136

Victory on Mammoth

Today we decided to raid SWAT since everyone was talking about them. We decided to give it a try and defeat them. When we got on we attacked SWAT. SWAT grew in size and got smaller during the war. GT pretty much owned them making them retreat 5 times. We did not use any charges and we fought like the old days. Snowballs and emotes to show our armies size. I am greatly proud of you guys since we reached numbers up to 30 and defeated SWAT. We even got snowforts full due to the huge battle against them.

Here are the pics I took along with some soldier’s pics(not in order)-

April Goals

Ganger here.

It’s time to explain some Goals of the Golden Troopers. First of all, I’ve seen many people lacking and not getting on chat. Some are soldiers and some are owners. That, my friend, will change. If you are a owner rank and don’t go on chat in the next week, then you will be demoted to the rank of Ultimate General. Unless you want this to happen, then I decide that you change your ways and get active. We have so many owner ranks, and I want all of them to be active. There are many people who are admission to be out such as Swimmy Blue. Swimmy Blue has been grounded for 2 months by his mom(and/or) dad. But despite the fact, if you give us no notice that you are leaving or if you have been grounded, you will be immediately taken to action and you will be demoted. I am not doing this to try and sound mean, it’s for the good of the army. We can’t have all these owner ranks, and barely any of them being active. Because of this situation, I have astounded a list of the people who need to step up and start getting active.

  • Mobius 4
  • Yoda Soda
  • Ballion54

If the following people do not get active, they will be demoted to the rank of Ultimate General. All mod ranks and member ranks will also be demoted if they don’t start being active. Speaking of mod ranks who need to get active, I have a list right now.

  • Sparky
  • Pirate Cody
  • Villy
  • Shadowhero99
  • Multi Mario
  • Spirit
  • Joey Anthony
  • Mo Mo 1357
  • Jd112
  • Yobe45
  • Blazeion
  • Denzzil
  • Reeceb
  • Turkey
  • Sunrizer
  • Maria

These people also have to step up and start getting active or else they will be demoted to the rank of Master General.

And if you quit after receiving this demotion, we will not be mad, we will be happy. We would be happy because it will help us seperate the loyal and un-loyal soldiers of an army. If you don’t want to get active, that’s fine with me BECAUSE then you’ll just get what you deserve. But, despite that because that was only the opening of this post. As you can see, I labeled this post as “April Goals”, and I did that for a reason. I’m going to have a whole Goal set-list ready to see if we can succeed with them by the end of April. If we do, every soldier who made 3 or more battles in April will receive and un-named prize. You will learn what the prize is once you win it. Pay attention to all of the rules aswell. But, down to business, here’s the official April Goals for the Golden Troops of 2010.

  • Get 30+ at battles
  • Have full chats on a daily basis
  • Reach up to 90,000 hits
  • Average 900 hits a day
  • Cut on owner ranks

Am I going? No, not quite yet. First of all, we need to be ready for the Tournament battle up against Team Gold. Team Gold is a well-trained army with many recruits. If we had many recruits like them, we would blow the house of the roof and be the largest army. But in our case, we aren’t. So we’re going to be recruiting ALOT. Get on Club Penguin when you reach 12+ on chat. I don’t care if there isn’t a leader there, whoever’s the highest rank, you lead. Take advantage and help recruit. Help the army like you said you would in your first Join comment. Let GT rise.

~Goal of Satisfactory~



Invasion of Mountain

Albs Edit: One of the leaders who has full uniform make a uniform page.


Nachos declared war on ACP. ACP has asked for help so we will be allying with them. We will probably bring back OA after I get the tacos to anwer. They requested that we follow the old fashioned type of warfare, so that is what we are gonna do. We are also going to be invading the Nachos using the rules that I mentioned HERE. Since this is an allies war, we will have the following allies: ACP, WW, IMAF, Brownies and GT, HSA (More to be added when confirmed.)

OA Invasion of Mountain

When: Friday April 2nd

What: Invasion of  Mountain

Room: Snowfort


  • 10 PM GMT
  • 5 PM EST
  • 4 PM CST
  • 3 PM MST
  • 2 PM PST

Raid of Cookies results

Yesterday we had a decent amount of people on chat and GT wanted to do something. Cookies had the same amount of people as us on chat so we decided to raid them in crunch. We really had successful turnout against them. We outnumbered and later surrendered.

Here are some pics I took-





Nas later admitted defeat to us and we logged off. We had a good amount of people since it was unscheduled and was during school hours. Great job guys and comment if u made it.


Tournament Battle Part 2

*Contest Below*

We are still in the Tournament, reigning victory over the Cookies.

Tournament Part 2!

When: April 4, Sunday

Time: 12:00 PST, 1:00 MT, 2:00 CST, 3:00 EST. 8:00 GMT

Where: Snow Fort,  Snow Forts

Why: To show we can win!

*Originally made by Jerry2cool, leader of the Golden Troops*

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March On!


Final Speech(Or Not?)

UPDATE: I am going to stay as leader. I will not retire until I am a Legend in CP armies.


Once I was a leader. Once I could lead an army to it’s very greatness it had within them the whole time. That army needed faith. That army is the Club Penguin Sun Troopers.

One day I came to the CPST chat. I’ve been exploring and studieing the army for weeks, and days at a time. I figured out all the army’s weaknesses, but aswell I knew it’s strengths. This army had many troops in which I felt confident to bring them back to their active-age. CPST was growing very in-active, wearing down the bit of sweat from the shirt of a locked-up man. All they needed was a leader to re-arrange their rules, re-arrange their ways. But, most importantly, re-arrange their size.

I began to realize that they had only a few strengths, but many weaknesses. My objective was to delete those weaknesses and replace them with strengths. I guess it must’ve worked because a week later we got up to 25 at a battle. You see, I’m not the one who made CPST rise. It was together. We all just needed each other for the whole time and I guess that’s what made me happy. Made me happy to finally retire and end my hopefully successful career. Their was only one person I always looked up to and admired to the bit of myself. It was Pink Mafias. I was very inspired by his ways of leading and how original he was. Only he, that one person, can bring the life back to Club Penguin armies. For all this time we thought that armies were so alive, their was always a dead spot within them. The dead spot is only beginning to release, and the worst is still yet to come. I cannot let armies fall or drown to death. But.. I can’t watch it either. I don’t think I’m the leader I used to be. I used to be so enthusiastic about wars and so excited, but now I feel I’m just a hated bastard. When I walk down the aisle I feel like someone is just talking behind my back about how hated I am. I used to be a loved-leader in every way and now I think that everyone hates me. I may have better grammar, I may spell more correctly, and some people may call me a “Good Leader”, but no one really means it. Only one person I looked up to as a friend, and as a soldier. Me and him had our ups and downs, we had our good times, and we roped through the hard-ones. That person is Nico, my BFF. Me and him would always mess around and have fun. He’s the only one who can make armies fun in my case. He brings life to them, and he never lets his army down. If you guys actually care about me, show me right now and decide if I should stay.

Tell me if I should stay or not.


A Change.

Many of you know me as the Adviser of the GT. Well as adviser i want to help GT as much as possible. So here are some ideas that should be put into GT and reasons why.

1.Very minimum cussing in chat. Reason why: A large amount of the people who play CP are in the age of 9 and under. So imagine a mom see’s her 8 year old son saying the f word or the b word on chat? End of CP armies for him xD. I say we minimize it to words like hell, damm, ass and shit.(Sorry about the cuss)

2. More events. Reason why: So like Jerry posted all these events recently events help bring troops closer into armies and with events people spend more time with leaders and other troops. With large amount of events troops will actualy want to be on GT chat instead of like idk, WW chat xD.

3.Choosing leader and owners: From my experience as my time as 3ic of GW I know how they are picked. I was run through of series of test and stuff. Im not sure if this is how GT will run the choosing of ownership/leadership but i recommend this way, you get people to vote for leader. No not by those polls where you can get friends from diff armies to vote for you as well but actual comment voting. So the idea of how we would do it is they would state their cp name, rank, who they are voting for and why. And answers like “He has a lot of experience at leading” would be unacceptable. Each candidate could make a speech and email it to the leader and they will put it into the post.

So these are all helpful hints for how we could help GT and you can all comment on what you think of these ideas.

Albaro Lord GT Adviser

TEH MOST EPICST POST IN EPIC HISTOREH!*All events but the Tournament are cancelled*

*Recruiting contest below!*

Jerry’s edit: Guys I know that commenting and reading posts is boring, but it gives you a better chance for promotion! Please scroll down to view other posts, and comment on posts because it gives leaders a chance to see who is active and who is not. So comment away! And come to events!

Times are early because of Spring Break! If you cannot make it because you do not have Spring Break, comment on this post!

Hello hello hello there GT. Looks like we did fairly well at the tournament, but I know we can do better! I want to see: 2030 people at these next events!

Recruiting session

When: March, 30 2010 (Tuesday)

Time: 4:00 pm eastern, 3:00 pm central, 2:00 pm mountain, 1:00 pm pacific and 9:00 pm UK

Where: Halfpipe town or Ice box town(If full)

Why: To get more troops!

Youlead session

When: March 31, 2010(Wednesday)

Time: 5:00 pm eastern, 4:00 pm central, 3:00 pm mountain, 2:00 pm pacific and 10:00 pm UK

Where: Snowflake town or Sabertooth town

Why: To let the troops lead!

Nothing day (aka giveaway)

When: April 1, 2010 (Thursday, april fools day! *and ninas bday*

  • Time: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 pm eastern
  • 12:00 *noon*, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 pm central
  • 11:00 am, 12:00 *noon*, 1:00 and 2:00 pm mountain
  • 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 *noon*, and 1:00 pm pacific
  • 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 pm UK

Where: chat and cp! *you pick the server*

What: We will be giving away things like xat stuff, letting you lead a pb and so, throwing a party for you, letting you be owner and more stuff that I’m currently thinking of 😀

Pb with DCP

When: April 2, 2010(Friday)

Times: 6:15 pm eastern, 5:15 pm central, 4:15 pm mountain, 3:15 pm pacific and 11:15 pm uk

Where: Snowplow town

Why: To see our size!

Tournament Part 2!

When: April 4, Sunday

Time: 12:00 PST, 1:00 MT, 2:00 CST, 3:00 EST. 8:00 GMT

Where: Snow Fort,  Snow Forts

Why: To show we can win!


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  5. Coming
  6. Definitely coming

Thankz youz and comez!