Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Ok so recently i’ve been woken up by etac, I used to spend so much time on the computer that I have refused to do stuff with family, lose some of my common sense, and am just getting worse at mmy life skills. The other day I found myself going on the computer for no reason, I shut the computer right back down. I need to get back to real life. so i’ve decided to take off tuesdays & wednesdays. For the armies sake im taking off the two days that are least used. If i take off 4-7 hours of my week, that can really help improve my life. im not retiring. I will make it to many events, and if you need me on a tuesday, then wait til thursday, cuz i wont be on. Im sorry, but it’s better for my life.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to work.

First of all, we are going to war with DCP, and you can view that post by clicking here. Second of all, for the next 2 weeks we will not be participating in any wars. But, that does not count the DCP war. Lately.. we have reached accomplishments that I HAVE to be proud of. But, you know me, I’m Ganger. I don’t give up. And when I know an army can grow even larger, then I work to accomplish it. Now listen, I need to tell you ALL something. We must never merge, and from this day on, PROMISE not to. We will become the largest army by ourselves. We will keep our spot, and keep growing. We have been getting 30+ at battles, which is very good. But let’s work for 40-50+. All we need is about 30 recruits total and if we keep our CURRENT size in battles during Recruiting, that should be no problem. Speaking of recruiting, on Saturday we went on Mammoth. It was a GREAT success and we had about 5 recruits come to our chat! We didn’t even have many on CP or chat at first, but we still had a great success considering that we now have rogues on the server Mammoth. In my mind, that’s like being the 2nd largest army. Wait, we are! You can view our introduction at the CPA Central’s site. I am so proud of you! The only other army that I had that got this close to being the 1st largest army was RFW. And at one point, we actually BEAT ACP in Boomer’s age. We had 35 on CP while ACP had 30. But ENOUGH with that accomplishment. As I said I’m staying to right now and the future. Back to the point, the GT will grow. We will continue working towards 50+, and once we reach this point we will be the Largest army! I know you all want to reach this achievement, but remember. Our allies, the ACP, are the current largest army. So we will not side-track them or go to war with them. Instead, once we reach 50+, we will have a Practice Battle with them. And unless they want a war, we will not go to war with them. You are all witnessing the rise of the Golden Troops.

~Ganger, GT-Leader

Pictures Page

Hello, Oct Here.

I am here to announce you that an older page made by Riotors was published today, with the accept of Saiyaman Xc. The Page is called “Pictures” and it shows you some pictures of us, which were took a few months ago. But now the page is opened and if you have a cool picture about us, counting 30+ or a pic where we did a special move(like the Sun Walk) PERFECT, and perfect means that every soldier was doing that move. Yes, if you have a picture like that just tell a 2ic to update the page with Pictures.

NOTE: Everyone when you edit the Pictures Page, please tell your name(the cp name of the person who added the picture) and a summary of the actions that were happening in that picture.

~Octavian123, Golden Troops Co-Leader~

War with Dcp (!!TODAY!!)

War  Now!TODAY!!

Be on chat !!

Once again, we are in war. But, this will be easier. Please come to this event 30 minutes before it is scheduled.

War With Dcp

When: Saturday, May 1st.

Where: Snowplow, Snow forts

Times: 1 pm eastern

12 noon central

11 am mountain

10 am pacific

6 pm Gmt/Uk

Chat: http://xat.com/thegt

Please come. This is an important battle! We must protect our server, Snowplow.

Comment if you can come!

We will need everybody there due to this being our capital. If we can get 40+ troops there, I will promise you that we will have alot of invasions starting with Dcp’s capital. Make sure you are there. We will keep track of the people that came and they will have a good chance at a promotion.

Skloop’s Edit: I call promos for this month, but it’d be cool if all leaders (as in MAIN Leaders, not all owner ranks), could tell me some people they think deserve promos. I will combine their ideas with my lists to get good, fair promos.

Edit: Dcp=bots?

Well Dcp looks like a medium army. But do you really think they are or do they just cheat to get there?

Well I have been investigating this and just look at Dcp’s comments for one thing. On their post declaring war on Gt, wwe commented at 5:05, the next comment was from a non-logged in account at 5:06, then the same thing happened at 5:07. If you didn’t already know, wordpress will not let you comment very fast and makes you wait. The next comment is then at 5:16, then 5:21,  then 5:52. That shows that Wwe is trying to make his army look big by posting fake comments. BUSTED. There are 4 more comments, but I cannot prove it is wwe.

So with around 6 REAL comments (might be less) how does dcp get around 10+ at a battle? There is only one explanation…BOTS. More likely Wwe is the one using the bots too. Which also explains why they usually have more of their army on cp than they have on chat. BUSTED.

Riotors Edit: Remember Dcp, we warned you. We will soon invade Dcp back also. Their first server to lose will be their capital,Slushy.  We came to the attention that not all of Dcp’s servers are actually theirs, therefore we will not keep the majority of them. lol Dcp is about to get pwned over, and over, and over again. This is more of training for us and a war for them due to them being 1/15th our size. Lets get ready for war!!!!!

Edit: Guys, we need you to come. All of you! To break the 40 person barrier, we need as much people there! So please come, and let’s destroy Dcp.

<img style=”visibility: hidden; width: 0pt; height: 0pt;” src=”http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bHQ9MTI3MjcyNzIzMTM3NiZwdD*xMjcyNzI3Mjg1MjIwJnA9NTMxNTEmZD*mbj13b3JkcHJlc3MmZz*xJm89MDFiOGQ3NTQ3OTc3/NGE*YWE2MDFjMTg1ZGEyZWZhYmM=.gif&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”” width=”0″ height=”0″ />
<a href=”http://xat.com/web_gear/?cb&#8221; target=”_BLANK”>Get your own Chat Box!</a> <a href=”http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=88859551&#8243; target=”_BLANK”>Go Large!</a>


Look. It’s time to get active. Now. If a mod misses 3 events in a row, they will be demoted. If an owner misses 2 events in a row, they will be demoted. Unless you have an excuse not to come, you SHOULD be able to come. Also, if I see a chat, empty, 1 more time, I will personally fire all of you. We are the second largest army in cp! Then how come, every time I go on chat, I see only 10 people there, and 10 more in my friend list in another chat? That will be another consequence. If you are caught in another chat than gt, you will be demoted. This applies to mods and owners. Owners, the reason you are an owner today, is because you worked, you are extremely active. Do you want that taken away from you? Of course not. Mods, you are mods for the same reason, you work hard, and you have the abilities to become an owner. You don’t want that dream to be crushed now do you? Look, you all want the same thing. To become leader of gt. How will that happen? When you stay on chat, when you are there for a unscheduled event, and a scheduled event. We have more than 70 active. Then how come I don’t see those 70 at events? I was disappointed with the amount of people in the War with Iw. There was expected 40+, 20-30+ came. All I’m asking is for you guys to get active, stay on chat, and if our chat gets boring, start a conversation! Recruit noobs, noobs are the greatest talkers in the world. So recruit them, and we will have a fuller chat, a more active one, and of course a larger army. Remember, working alone we get no where, working together we get somewhere.

To sum this post up, here are the requirements for mods and owners:

  1. Owners and mods must come on everyday, for ATLEAST 2 hours.
  2. Owners and mods must come on chat if they do not want to be demoted
  3. Members must come on chat if they want to be promoted (Applies to mods and owners as well.)

This isn’t much to ask for. As a troop, you must serve your time, just like every leader here did. Do the right thing, and good things happen to you. Do the bad thing, and consequences attack you like an angry mob of chimpanzees O_o


Dear DCP…

Dear DCP,

Hey. My name’s Skloop, and I want to be the new leader of your army, DCP, but I need to clarify some thing’s about GT first.

1) You guys couldn’t kick our asses. You guys max out at about 15-20 on a good day, we max 30+ on average. End of story.

2) The only armies that hate us are you and IW. ACP 2ic Luc even said in his post yesterday that if he had to chose between IW & GT it would be GT, no question. Most people love us, you just can’t take the criticism well at all. Every army gets criticized TONS of times a day, get over it. I see you guys get made fun of on other army chats all the time, not just GT.

3) In response to “Benji912′, who had the idea to invade us while we were in the middle of another battle, that would break the 24 hour rule, which GT has NOT agreed to stop using, like some of the other armies have.

4) You guys said something earlier about you guys being the 4th largest army, and us being 5th. Newsflash, but even before the merge, GW hasn’t been ranked under 4th in a long time. With the newly formed GT, Luc ranked us 2nd, and most of the people commenting on the CPAC Top 10 YOU Pick post are saying that GT is 3rd, and almost all the others are saying we’re 2nd. The ONLY people ranking us lower than 4th are people in your army (“Cooldude Joe” ranked us 5th and “Logrey” ranked us 9th (ONO)). Even Luc from ACP ranked us 2nd.

I don’t know where you guys are getting these ideas from. We are obviously bigger, and your troops are even thinking of breaking the army rules and codes to get back at us. Not to mention we have amounted twice as many comments on our active count in 2 days as you did since your’s was posted 4 days ago.

Oh yeah, and-

5) I don’t really wanna be leader, in case you didn’t notice yet.

Have a good day DCP 🙂

~Sklooperis, GT Leader~

Unscheduled events?

From this point on we will hold some random Unscheduled events. We will have many unscheduled:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Raiding
  3. Rallying
  4. Training
  5. Practice battles
  6. Etc.

If you would like to be part of this, you must be on chat at the time of the unscheduled event. Nobody knows when we will have one so just stay on chat as much as possible.

If you are on the computer anywhere, just bring up another tab.

This is all purely for fun and to help us grow as an army. I would like to have 30+ troops at most of the events. This is asking for alot but hey, the number 2 army could easily pull it off.

Events/Letter to Dcp(Events Cancelled)

Edit: Many people want a war, we just got out of a tough one but this one would be easy. During wars, we just grow. For Dcp this would be more of a bloodthirsty war, for us it would be like practice and claiming servers at the same time. The choice is yours Dcp…

Edit: We are now supporting the following news site: http://cparmymadness.wordpress.com/ and http://cparmyexpress.wordpress.com/

Edit: The events with ??? are incomplete. Please visit the site everyday to see the updates to when and where these events will be held!

Anyway, time for more events! We will also be having our first Division Pb! Please click “Read more” to see the info!

Practice Battle With Tacos

When: Monday, April 26th 2010

Server: Mukluk

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 8:00 pm eastern

7:00 pm central

6:00 pm mountain

5:00 pm pacific

Division pb

When: Thursday April 29

Where: ???


Practice battle With Team Gold

When: Saturday, May 1

Server: Matternhorn

Room: Snow forts

Time: 4:00 pm eastern

3:00 pm central

2:00 pm mountain

1:00 pm pacific

Please come 30 minutes before these events, we will be training before we face these armies. We will also recruit before our division pb.

Don’t know your division? Click HERE to see what your division is!

Comment if you can come!


Dcp, will you please shut your overrated mouth? Stop bragging, stop thinking you can beat us. Please, I’m trying to spare you humiliation. If you try to invade our servers, you will be shut down, and in return, we will invade you. Don’t think your superior to us. You are not. If you decide to have war with us, that will only make us grow. You will fail. Just think what you are doing. No I mean think for real, don’t be noobs and try to attack us. Just consider this as a warning.

CP Armies Classament/ CPA Central READ!

UPDATE: Everyone scroll up and comment on the Active Count.

UPDATE 2: The War with IW was a tie SCROLL UP for more.

I made an official classament, the top 3 of the armies. I made it after the IW war and this is the most accurated one. Here: Acp takes number 1, Golden Troops and Ice Warriors share number 2 and Nachos take number 3.

  1. Acp(Army Club Penguin)
  2. GT(Golden Troops) and IW(Ice Warriors).
  3. Nachos.

Note: CPA Central Please Upgrade your Top 3 Classament with this one. It’s decided.

Go Golden Troops,

~Octavian123, Golden Troops Co-Leader, Warmaster~

Results/Active Count

Edit: Chat reset due to security reasons. Come on chat to regain your status. (Member,Mod,Owner, etc)

What time zone are you!
Other(If you pick this, please comment on this post with your time zone)

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/3104618″>Take Our Poll</a>
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It tied. Aren’t you tired of hearing the same thing? Iw won, or iw tied. Iw never loses do they? No siree, they just go by, never losing to someone. Today, we showed what we can do. BUT we can do better. We had 30+ on cp. Again. Now. We will work for 40+ and more. How? Recruit. I know it sounds boring, but, do you want to be like acp and have 2 full chats everyday? We will work. We will get on cp EVERYDAY NO MATTER WHAT! I don’t care if there are 2 people or 100. We will recruit till we drop. Let’s be like Tg who recruit everyday. Let’s be like IW who hangs on to top three no matter what. Let’s be a legendary army, and conquer number 1 spot! But, we most work harder than ever to do it. We showed impressive size. Let’s break the 30 barrier and go on to break the 40! I want every single active troop to come to battles, I want you to be so active, that whenever I come on, I will see 1 and a half full chat. together, we can do it. Alone we cannot. So let’s rejoice of the defeat of IW and prepare for the next battles.


Gt tied with IW. For me, I’ll take it as a win since IW always, claims to be the winner.  We did a tremendous job. Special thanks to Kjbulldogs for some advice beforehand. Iw are saying, “This was an invasion, we claimed 8 major rooms.” Wrong. Invasions and battles are different. In an invasion, you invade rooms. In battles, there are no invading, just combat between 2 armies. Look it up in the dictionary why don’t you? Also, whenever we tried to attack each other, the room filled up and half the army was stuck outside. You iw, might say, “Who cares?” No one does. But is it fun fighting another army when you can’t even fight them? That’s why I am Offering a Division pb with IW. It’s a fun pb, where the armies can actually face each other without having to be locked out! To sum this section up: 1.Iw and Gt will share number 2 spot 2. Iw will keep sub zero 100% 3. We are no longer enemies and are nuetral. (Not in order)

A31.png picture by Dalekcam

A30.png picture by Dalekcam

A29.png picture by Dalekcam

A28.png picture by Dalekcam

A27.png picture by Dalekcam

A26.png picture by Dalekcam

A25.png picture by Dalekcam

A24.png picture by Dalekcam

A23.png picture by Dalekcam

A22.png picture by Dalekcam

A21.png picture by Dalekcam

A20.png picture by Dalekcam

A19.png picture by Dalekcam

A18.png picture by Dalekcam

A15.png picture by Dalekcam

A13.png picture by Dalekcam

A11.png picture by Dalekcam

A6.png picture by Dalekcam

A5.png picture by Dalekcam

Since we have grown the past weeks, let’s have an active count! Comment with the following:

  • Club Penguin name
  • Rank in Gt
  • Active scale (1-10)
  • What can be improved in Gt
  • What else we can do to have more fun


  • Jerry2cool
  • Leader
  • 10
  • Soldiers needs to listen better
  • Parties!

Comment people comment!