Golden Troops YouTube — Hiring —

This is Ganger here! I’m starting the Golden Troops YouTube. A few soldiers requested it, so now I’m going to be officially opening the GT YouTube! The Golden Troops YouTube will make GT-based movies, also recording any events and much, much more! Answer the following to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Crew! Please, note that in each sign-up your signing up for a CERTAIN position. Thanks for your participation!

1. Graphic Manager

What is your CP username?

What’s your rank in the Golden Troops?

What will contribute to GT’s youtube?

Give me a picture of one of your recent GFX pictures

2. Video Graphic Manager

What video-editting system do you have?

What’s your CP username?

What is your rank in GT?

What will you contribute to the Golden Troops YouTube?

3. Video Manager

Sign-ups for the “Video Manager” position will not be held. The position has already been taken and owned by Ganger90.

If you want to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Staff, comment on this post! We will have 3 of each position! From the stats this site gets, you have a 75% chance of getting the job! Better than “No idea”. Good luck!

-Hell will be unleashed


YouLead Sessions (TODAY)

Jerry: Congratulations Gt! 100,000 views so far! That truly is a landmark! Expect a party soon!

When: Monday- Memorial Day –

Where: Matternhorn Room: All Over

Why: To let our soldiers get a chance to lead and honor the USA Troops who fought.


  • 10:00 PST-6:00 PST
  • 11:00 MST- 7:00 MST
  • 12:00 CST- 8:00 CST
  • 1:00 EST- 9:00 EST
  • 6:00 UK-8:00 UK(Rest is not attendable, unless you make it that way for yourself)

❗ 100th Comment gets a Prize from Ganger90! ❗

Ganger90 Edit: Guys, 13 comments? We need more comments than this. We’re the 3rd largest army, we should be getting at least 30 comments on this post. Get commenting!

Riotors Edit: All pictures from the recruiting and training will be added soon. If you are yet to sign the division sign ups do so now on the post below.

We are going to be having some YouLead sessions next week(the start of June). If you do not know what a YouLead session is yet, I’ll introduce you to one. A YouLead session is where the soldiers lead the whole battle. The leaders will watch patiently, testing your leading skills. 3ics and under can lead a YouLead session. I also have some scheduled times of who will be leading this event. Note: (If any of the following cannot make the YouLead session, please comment so for we can replace you.)


(Main person leading) Gill11097

(Second in command) Jim430




Goh Laser(Yabjees)

(Enlisted: Soldiers:

Lotus In Red

Dino2287(Remy 99)





The following enlisted will be involved in the YouLead session that is going to be scheduled below. Again, if you cannot make it, please notify me on chat or any other time I can be reached, so I can immediately replace you.

YouLead Session

When: Monday- Memorial Day –

Where: Matternhorn Room: All Over

Why: To let our soldiers get a chance to lead and honor the USA Troops who fought.


  • 10:00 PST-6:00 PST
  • 11:00 MST- 7:00 MST
  • 12:00 CST- 8:00 CST
  • 1:00 EST- 9:00 EST
  • 6:00 UK-8:00 UK(Rest is not attendable, unless you make it that way for yourself)

Now, I’m sure your wondering what I mean by “10:00 PST-6:00 PST”, but here’s what I mean. We’re going to do seperate YouLead sessions all day on Monday. We will be taking some short breaks, that vary between 30 minutes and 60 minutes(1 hour). This way, we will definitely get the appointed YouLead session leaders and possibly maybe even some new leaders for the YouLead sessions. Comment about how you think about the idea and make sure to say if you can make it or not!

❗ Comment if you can make it! ❗

-Hell will be unleashed


My Apology/News for GT(From Me)

This is Ganger. I’m here to apologize on how I’ve stepped down lately. Now, the whole fuse and transformation from GT’s massive and incredible size to just a simple and large size. We used to easily get 30+ and now struggle to get 20. I do not want this to continue happening to us, until we go down to the size that I regretted we would ever reach. We are the Golden Troops, we shine forever, we are darkened: Never. But, the true point of this post was to focus on what I’ve done lately; not much, correct? I went from a known “dictator” because of my amount of posts to some leader that posts rarely. Yes, I have still been posting and yes, I will have soldiers saying none of this is my fault. But no. Don’t stick up for me. It has been my fault. I’ve let the other leaders take over and rise ahead of me. I used to be the man-in-charge. I used to be, what you all called, The Boss. Now, I have been shredded into one thing; nothing but a 10-year-old kid who leads a Large army on Club Penguin. Soon, that name will be down to: The 10-year old kid that leads a army on Club Penguin.  I have showed myself that I stepped down and disappointed my soldiers. My soldiers have true disappointment and the reason I am erected with an insecure feeling is because that insecure feeling is my fault. For now on, I will make sure the soldiers are happy with what they see in this army. I will make sure that no one ever gets that in-secure feeling of anyone else taking over. For all my followers, keep the good work up. You have treated me to become the leader I am now. Don’t worry followers of myself, I’m coming back to my regular self. Filled with pride, Loaded with destruction. Every army will once again bow down to GT and myself, Ganger90, will once again take my teaching stick and teach you to fire destruction back into Club Penguin. Today and on, I will start a new Operation. GT shall have a Golden Age once again.

Now, I’m starting a new program in my leadership adequate. It’s news coming to GT every Monday and Friday of the week! Well today IS  Friday indeed, isn’t it? Well, hmm, I wonder what I must do. Oh yes! It’s time for some news.

Table of Contents:

1. Top Ten armies of the week

2. Latest News

3. What’s Up?

4. The Interviews

5. Ganger90’s Retirement?

6. Luc’s return to WW? A possible new chance?

7. Armies on the  Rise

8. Do you know your army?

9. Club Penguin Fact of the day!

10. Club Penguin Tips

11. Club Penguin Secrets

12. Club Penguin Walkthroughs

13. GT: Falling or rising?

14. Top 10 songs of the week

15. Top 10 rappers of the week

16. Top 10 musicians of the week

17. Herbert’s Revenge coming to YOUR DS!

18. Wrap-up

Top Ten Armies of the Week

ACP: Well, of course ACP have earned this spot. You see them with this spot times and time again. They are on the rise, but at the same time they are falling. It’s hard to explain. They have some great turn-outs and I mean like, if it was any other army, it would be Great.. Great Great. I’m talking more than 50. But then in some other battles they struggle to hit 35. ACP are an up-and-down army. But, they’re always at the top if their falling, having a good or bad day, or not.

GT: GT have this spot.. but not by a landslide. They have it by inches. They barely out-performed Nachos in the War of Matternhorn, but still, the Nachos maintained a good size, conversioning a tie.

Nachos: Nachos have earned the number 3 spot for numerous reasons. One reason is the Nachos have been much larger than they were known to be. Another reason is that Nachos outnumbered any of the other below ranks.

IW: IW reigned victorious against the Night Warriors. That means the 4th largest spot is now theirs. But, recently, the IW and NW have formed an alliance to take down DCP(Doritos of Club Penguin). So far, the team of IW, NW and RFW have dominated the DCP. Will they strike back?

This is a quick sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing this Monday! Be ready for some epic and exciting news!

-Hell will be unleashed


Division sign ups

Time to sign up for some NEW divisions guys. The new divisions will be sorted out by not names and ranks, but time zones. How great is that. This way if an army invades more than 1 server we can split our divisions up by what time zones will have the most soldiers there.

There will be 3 timezones/divisions. Each with a cool new name in the ( )’s. The color of each division is the color of the name.

Uk/Gmt (Earth)

Pst & Cst (Water)

Mst & Est (Fire)

The colors were given to each to match its name. We chose 3 simple names to make our divisions better kept. Long and random names send to send some troops away for not wanting to fight for that division. This way we have 3 cool easy basic names. Most soldiers i asked about the names say that they love all 3 so welcome the new 3 divisions of the Golden Troops.


Sign up time

Penguin name:

Rank in gt:

Which time zone are you? Uk/gmt, Est, Cst, Mst, Pst or other? If other please list your time zone:

If you do not understand please check my comment.


Training for 30 days. Be ready Gt.[Updated]

Jerry: Hey Gt! As your super duper awesome fantastic magnificent wonderful and passionate advisor, i came up with an idea! 😮 Well, we all know the epic battle with Nachos. If you don’t, I recommend you see a doctor. 😯 Anyway, I came up with this:

We divide into 3 divisions, but stay as a whole army. How you may ask. Well, Uk troops are pretty much half of this army, East and Pacific bringing in the 2 fourths. We are lacking Mountain and central troops. Also, we need more est and pst troops since on weekday battles usually only eastern people can come. So I think we need to split into groups like Eastern with central, Pacific with Mountain and Uk by itself. So when recruiting, times will be pointed directly to the time zones of the groups. Other time zones can come if they can. Like say a recruiting session. Let’s say group 1, Eastern and Central, have a recruiting session at 8 pm est. Central can make it and Eastern can make it avoiding the times when they have dinner. Other time zones may come IF they can come. It’s pretty simple. This way when recruiting on cp, we can gather more troops from cp world in a specific time zones. So when we have another battle on the weekdays, we have more troops ready to battle! And it won’t affect your rank! (This is probably the most important thing to this plan). Comment if you think it’s stupid, or not! You better say it’s a good idea. 👿 Nah jk, but comment *D*

Yes the Golden Troops are big, no wait huge. But we could be alot huger. Here lately we have been averaging about 40 a battle (estimated number). We could easily get 50.

Our soldiers want a war right? You want a challenge right? Well for that to happen we need to train. Ill begin the countdown and we will train for AT LEAST 30 days before war. This means will will have scheduled recruiting sessions every week and scheduled training. Also each day we will have Unscheduled recruiting sessions, unscheduled training sessions, and some practice wars.

Be ready Gt. Its time to step up from number 3 to number 2 or even 1. I know its a big accomplishment, but we can do it easily. After this we will have war. The army to have war with is not yet named and decided. We want a new army to have war with besides ones we have already gone to war with if possible.

We will soon show our size, we will find a way to beat even the greatest of the armies. Our name will soon shine. Golden Troops.

Well ill see you guys later. (pce)


Time to do some epic training.

200th comment gets a different epic prize from Riotors.

Any leaders cannot win & Octavian won the last so he cannot win this one.

~Riotors edit: Oct congrats on the win. Come see Rio on chat 4 your prize.


*Highest Rank There Will Lead*

When: Saturday, May 29th (TODAY)

Where: Halfpipe or Yeti, Start at town.

Times: 12(noon) PST, 1pm, MST, 2pm CST, 3pm, EST, 8pm GMT/UK.

Edit: Sorry Oct, i deleted your post because this site is for our army, not your advertising

Note: Training, 30 days, MANDATORY

Riotors Edit: Check out Folays awesome Gt id that he made. Add it as your xat picture with this link

Remember to add it as your xat picture and thank Folay for the picture. It pwns.

The war with nachos is off. We talked to their leaders and we both came to an agreement that we would share the server and just call the war off.

Now soldiers we have some other things planned. This will come out as a surprise to you all. But you will just have to wait and see what it is. For now, we train.

Here are things we need to work on

  • Staying active on cp. Do not go idol. Idol penguin can cause a guaranteed win to be a guaranteed loss.
  • Lines. We kill at our lines, but we still gotta work on it a little. Make sure to not leave spaces in the lines and dont clump together.
  • Taking orders. Some soldiers take forever to do the order after it is given or just flat out do not listen.
  • Making a circle. We have enough soldiers on cp to make a circle, so lets do it guys. Whenever we make a circle just fill the gaps and spread out the lines.

Now we will start our training and recruiting. I am expecting at least 40+ to each. More would be better. If we get 50+ to either one of them, we will have a party. And Rio is ready for a party, so make sure you come.


When: Friday, May 28th.

Where: Klondike, Start at town.

Times: 4 pm PST, 5pm, MST, 6pm CST, 7pm, EST, 12(midnight) GMT/UK.

I expect a great number of soldiers to show up. We will be doing nonstop training for awhile to get our numbers up. Now off to the recruiting session. I expect great numbers during this one.


When: Saturday, May 29th.

Where: Halfpipe or Yeti, Start at town.

Times: 12(noon) PST, 1pm, MST, 2pm CST, 3pm, EST, 8pm GMT/UK.



Results (editted: we do not admit defeat if we do not believe we lost.)

Jerry In response to Rio’s edit: Rio, at one point, which was at the end, Gt started to lose size. I have no idea how, since all uk troops weren’t there so Est,cst,mst and pst had to stay for the entire battle. Nachos did have a greater size at the end. Gt had a larger size in the beginning, and the middle both armies either was larger, smaller or equal to the size of the opposing army. You may call that a tie. I call it a loss.

To nachos: I knew all your owner ranks would go crazy. Thats why I did not declare victory for us since I respect ads. We agreed that we would give Cpa Central our pictures.

Also pie, you were only larger than us in the end. Besides that we were either tied or Gt was ahead.  Im not sayng anything bad about the nachos since they did show up to a greater size than i expected. Im just saying to make it fair and let Cpa Central vote and whoever wins the votewins the battle. How simple is that?

We have posted 18 pictures of the ENTIRE battle on this post. Cpac will chose the winner. Sorry Nachos but ido not think you have won, it was a great battle anyways. Now Cpac review our pictures and stories and decide the winner.

Riotors Edit: Since both armies think they have won there is only 1 way. Cpa Central will decide who wins. Both armies have their side of the story, and both armies have pictures.

Important Edit: (from Rio)

This is all honest. If i honestly thought we lost i would agree to it. But i dont. After  reviewing the battle I can HONESTLY say that i think we won.

This is a loss from Jerrys point of view. In my point of view we won. We were winning the whole beginning half of the battle and even a little longer. Nachos were BARELY ahead in the end. How did we lose Jerry?

  • All the nachos did was retreat from room to room and we chased them.
  • We believed Nachos used Allies (ww and acp at times)
  • Golden Troops were larger the majority of the battle
  • Both armies were equal in tactics
  • Golden Troops claimed the majority of the large rooms.

I know Nachos will be complaining, view our pictures if you dont believe me. These pictures are from just about the whole war while yours is mainly the end *smirk*

Today Golden Troops, we have engaged in war. We faced our enemy, and defended our server with pride. The question remains. Who won?

We lost. Yes. The time has come when us, The Golden Troops, lost to another army. No, I know your saying “We tied” but, is a tie really a sense of satisfaction? It’s really nothing. It’s an insult to you. After all you worked, do you want to hear the words, we tied? No you don’t. We want to hear the words, we won. Today, those two words are shrouded with black clouds, as it is unsure if we had a clear victory. CPAC WILL DECIDE WHO WON! At times, we fell down to our knees. At other times, we crushed the enemy. So, to conclude this segment, we tied to the nachos. How? Well, let’s say the leading was horrendous. The listening skills was horrible. An extremely lucky break. But, you wont be lucky the next time. What are we going to do? Well:

  • We will recruit for an hour each day
  • We will come on chat each day
  • Unscheduled youlead sessions.
  • Practice on leading.

Easy. Very easy. We can do it. I know we can. So by the next time we face the nachos, we will not have an 40+ average. We will have an 5-+ average. We will surprise and kill the nachos. You can run and hide nachos, but eventually, the golden force will get you. Prepare for war.

Now, the part we like, Pictures!

(in order)

*Note to cpac: please look over the Gt pictures and the Nachos pictures and see who you think won.

Load your guns, war has come home


Our time to shine/Letter to Dcp (BATTLE TODAY)

(!)BATTLE Now(!)


Don’t forget about senate elections 2 posts down!

Jerry here: (Your super duper awesome advisor)

After Us, Gt, declared War on the Nachos, Nachos decided to attack us first. Big mistake. Let’s repel their invasion, demolish them, and continue with attacks of our own. Perfect plan ey? :mrgreen:

Defense of Matterhorn

When: Monday, May 24

Times: 7 est, 6 cst, 5 mst, 4 pst pm and 12 gmt am (Uk are excused)

Rooms: Everywhere where the enemy is at


Notes: Come to chat 30 mins before battle starts, Pay attention, and epicly pwn the Nachos

Rewards: 10% increase of promotions*

Guys. Remember when we go 47 max at battle with acp? It’s time to make that our average. Uk, if you can come, come. Everyone else, if you are on chat but not on the gt chat, you are demoted no questions asked. Look, this is war, we need everyone here! Who knows, maybe after this, we might be large enough to go after Acp. Don’t worry acp, that time isn’t here yet, but beware, the Golden Troops are on the rise!


*There will be more battles which will add to that 10%. Some may 
be 10%, others 20%.


For dcp:

To: Dcp

From: Gt

Subject: Ownership of Snow fall.

Hello there Dcp. If your wondering, why should we discuss Snow fall if we already own it? Well, Dcp, Gt owns snow fall. Pay attention and you will learn.

Lolarmy, the small army that you invaded snow fall from, “owned Snow fall.” Wrong. Lolarmy never knew that Golden Troops owned Snow fall. So they declared the serve for their own. When you and lol went to war with each other, you selected Snow fall for the battle field and the object to win. All along, both armies fought on Gt land. So when you “Won” Snow fall, you really didn’t win. All what happened was a battle, no gained land. Here, a picture will help.

Pretty much, Gt owns it. And if you come in here saying: Well dcp invaded it, where was gt? Well, we didn’t know about the invasion. Sorry to break out the truth about Snow fall.

Declaration of War

Shadow: YESH LETS 😀

Hello, soldiers of GT, a war is near!

As you know, the Nachos have taken our spot as the 2nd largest army. The Nachos have never defeated us and we have never defeated the Nachos. Nachos did not out perform us. We had a bad turnout in the 1st tournament battle due to it being cancelled. In other words, the Nachos(Billy Mays) posted a remark on the tournament I was hosting. To read that, you can scroll down on the Nachos site. One thing that he says is that I’m trying to rewrite the Top Ten. That’s CPAC’s decision if they want to change the Top Ten based on the tournament. Another remark is that ‘I’m trying to be the dictator of all armies’. The reason of the tournament was to show the true size of CP armies. Not for an army to be afraid to lose their spot. He also says that I just want GT to be number 1 as well. Well, you know what? I do, but I won’t do it like the Nachos. Getting because of biased reporters. GT will get it when they deserve it. Now here comes the final remark.. “Wars make Top Ten’s, not tournaments”. Well I’ll tell you what..

Let’s solve this with a war

-Hell will be unleashed


Leaders- Read Now

Leaders, guys, Iam temporary leader while Sai is inactive.