Practice Battle With Ice Warriors[Today]

Get on chat and cp now!

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Hey Guys!
Ruggy PC’d me asking for a PB with us, most likely on account of the latest Top 10.
Here’s the info:

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Thermal, Snow Forts,

Times: 12 PM PST

1) 45 Minute Maximum
2) No Bots
3) No Allies

Now, not to insult Ganger, but with these battles, he always says there will be hell unleashed and gives a dramatic speech and threatens to demote. But y’know what, guys? I don’t think most owners realize that saying things like that gets the troops angry, and gives them reason to want to rebel. So, I won’t do any of that, but I will still say something.

A lot of you, mainly those from CPST, know that I was one of, if not THE first leader to form an army that actually listened to every troops needs. I think that’s why CPST got so big, because people were listened to there, no matter what rank. So I know how to get people to listen, and to feel good, but at the same time, fight. Listen guys, after this battle, which will end at 3:45 EST at the LATEST, I am scheduling a celebration party. Not just to celebrate the battle, even if we lose, but to celebrate you, my friends. Since this merge, we have done so much together, and now, we are on the cusp of being ranked Number 1 army for the first time in this armies’ HISTORY. Do you know how proud that makes me feel to be leader? So, as a big thank you from me, not the other leaders as much, me in particular, here’s the info for the after-party:

Troop Appreciation Party

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Sklooperis’ Igloo, Mammoth Map

Times: 1 PM PST

“But Skloop, why would I come to the battle?”. Well, now afterwards, we will have a party, and during that party, I am going to be making a toast to each and every one of you there, IF you made the battle before hand. So, if you make the IW battle, and are at the party, I will toast you for your efforts, and say something nice. This isny exactly a good prize, but it isn’t meant to be, but it is very important to me that you all feel good about the hard work you put in to staying active.

That’s about it. If you don’t make the battle, no demotion, but shame on you.

Good Luck!
~Dr. Skloop~

Riotors Edit (to Icey): Icy claims that since they got 18 at a practice battle, they now deserve the number 2 spot….wrong. Nachos and Gt are way over the 30 at a battle spot. Acp aren’t far behind, they just had a bad practice battle.

The top 10 should be

  1. Nachos
  2. Gt
  3. Acp
  4. Iw

Now icey, stop complaining about the top 10 since Iw was ranked 4. You should be lucky Las even ranked you that high so instead of complaining, you should be thankful.

Icey, look at the following pictures and compare them to your size. These were all recent events.

Yes they are not all 40+, but they are sure as hell bigger than 18-22 like in your picture. So before you start “guessing” that other armies are smaller than yours, you should look at their size.

~Hell will be unleashed~

Riotors: Well skloop, Tomb is currently making us a pimped out header. It cost me some xats so you owe me :P. Anyways he said it should be done by at least sunday.

Thanks again Tomb.

Our Best Point

I’m sure you are all in boredom with out a war. That’s why I’m here to relieve your boredom. I have an antidote. It’s called War. Lately we’ve been doing Training Session’s, Recruiting Session’s and YouLead sessions. Well, I have a new idea. We’re going to war with one of the following armies, but I need you guys to vote. Your vote will be the answer to the question. Make sure that your wise in your choices!

ACP(Army of Club Penguin)


Ice Warriors

It’s your vote! This war will show that the Golden Troops are NOT falling, we are not dead, and we are still shining..


-Vote now!

~Hell will be unleashed


P.S: If you are in the Golden Troops, we REALLY want you to vote. So please participate and vote on this post!