Hello GT! We have had a very hectic week, so I’m going to run down every event we had and how well we did!

Defense of Cozy

On Tuesday we Successfully defended Cozy maxing 20

Max: 20

Invasion of Bobsled

On Wednesday we invaded Bobsled, but it was invalid so we didn’t get the server. We still ended up maxing 19

Max: 19

Defense of Blizzard [AUSIA]

Then finally, on Thursday we defended Blizzard in our first AUSIA event of the new generation. We sadly lost, but for our first AUSIA event we did pretty good with a max of 13!

Max: 13

GT, for our first war of the new generation, I am truly proud of the new sizes we reached, and on Saturday we will celebrate how awesome we did this week.

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

1 Month Anniversary

Hello GT! Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while, we’ve been trying to deal with all this drama regarding CPO shutting down, any who yesterday we had our first event on CPATG celebrating 1 month of the new generation of GT being alive. We had a amazing max of 11! Keep it up GT! We invade Klondike soon!

Max 11

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Penguin Saloon Uniform Guide

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: (Your Done!)

May 2020 CPR Uniform Guide

May 2020 Uniform Guide

Red Vikings Helmet

Penguin Style Catalog – Gift Shop

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Orange Sunglasses

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Red Cape

Penguin Style Catalog – Gift Shop

Orange Hoodie

Penguin Style Catalog – Gift Shop

Red Sneakers

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Red Guitar

Music Catalog – Lighthouse

Invasion of Blizzard

Hello Golden Troops! Yesterday we logged onto klondike to invade blizzard! We successfully invaded it maxing 19! Good job GT! Be sure to come to our next event tomorrow, we’ll be invading Sherbet!

Max 19


-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Training Event

Hello Golden Troops! Yesterday we logged on to Yukon for a tactics training event! We did even better than our last event maxing 13! Be on the lookout for our next event, not only will it be a coins event, but we might invade a server having both half pipe and a extra server! Also shoutouts to legendary GT Leader Sercan for logging off of wow and making a cpo account just for this event lol.

Max 13

lol sercan’s like “wait what”
serc’s confusion intensifies loool. love ya serc

-GT Leader, TheMightyA