The Eradication of Multilogging – Official Declaration of War on The Black Order of CP

Hello GT, so you’ve read the title and you probably have a billion questions, so I’m going to try my best to answer most of them. The main one is of course going to be, “Out of all armies why the Black Order? And by that title are you accusing them of multilogging?” Well, yes and no. Let me start off by saying there are 3 things I hate on planet earth.

  1. Racism
  2. Multilogging
  3. Onions (Fr they gross how to people like them)

So here’s what I mean by Black Order multilogging, do I think they do it currently? No, they max 12, they obviously don’t multilog if they are getting numbers that low, and besides they learned their lesson the first time. What do I mean by first time? Observe.

This is the link to a special CPAM report for the Pirates Multilogging in the recent Legends Cup X Tournament, leading up to their shut down.

On top of that they even used fake excuses like, “My brother/sister/friends were at my house and logged on for the event alongside me“, Pathetic.

Now you might be wondering, but Mighty, this is Pirates, not Black Order, what does any of this have to do with BO? Well once the Pirates shut down, a majority of the staff that had no where to go went to BO to run away from the drama, hoping to forget it all

The thing is though, I hold grudges, and I don’t forget what you’ve done so easily.

So while you and your petty staff try to escape the horrible cheating you did in the past with a bad theme for a new army, (like come on, a thanos/marvel themed army? Thanos is just a dead meme from infinity war, y’all could’ve made a better theme for a army, hell the uniform doesn’t even go with the theme lol) we are here to prevent that from happening again with this declaration of war.

BO’s Pretty bad uniform

On top of that, As you may or may not know before I brought back GT I was HCOM in a army called the Doritos of CP. While the Pirates were multilogging against the Crimson Guardians of all armies, who may I remind you MAX 4 (tsunami if you reading this sorry ily lol) They were also accusing me and all of my other HCOM friends in DCP of multilogging, this is absolutely pathetic, trying to turn the attention to DCP so you don’t get caught, which as you can see failed.

Of course this isn’t my only reason of declaring war, like look how good BO’s servers go with Sabertooth!

ok yeah so that’s my only other reason, but whatever.

So Bread, Romeo, or any other of you BO members, I want to see you actually defend your case, but I highly doubt you will make a post with that trash website of yours. Anyways good luck, get your butts ready to be kicked, and I hope to see all your leaders there with no doxxing, because GT is here and ready to unleash some more hell in our 2nd war of this gen.


Update as of July 30th: The funny thing was, I typed all this two days ago, and we were gonna start to invade on Tuesday. But look who decided to make the dumbest move in history and merge into a colony. Seems like Pirates 2.0. didn’t do so hot did it?

BO’s merge treaty

So you might be thinking, damn you screwed now right? Well notice two main details about this treaty

Boom, loopholes bitch.

Yep, so one day war, we can only invade one server, but hey better than nothing, now you might be thinking, CC’s gonna be pissed, won’t they just invade you after, or just show up at your one day invasion and max 40 with IW troops?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unknown.png

Really do got a lot of these loopholes don’t I.

Welp sorry CC and IW, nothing towards you, We’ve been planning this since last week, so guess you can’t invade us if you win or lose lol, BO, make it easier for us and don’t show up tomorrow, this is Future Mighty out, I’ll see you at the invasion of Sardine.


And even though they are already In Invasion Schedule, here are our Invasion Terms.

-Allies/Dual Enlists will be allowed, go ahead and bring all the DW you can get and dm all the people in the Pirates discord or whatever, because it won’t work on us.

-No Server Transfers are allowed, every invasion is [LOCKED]

-No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort, you know the obvious stuff

-No use of IW, CC, or any other soon to be colonizers/armies your soon to be merging into

Like check out my treaty bro

-Any evidence of suggested multilogging, botting, ddosing, or doxxing merged after this declaration of any sort will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.

-Any other CPAH Invasion Rules are Effective in this War.

Well that is all, I’ll see you guys in the Invasion of Sardine, if you show up of course.

-GT Leaders, TheMightyA and Aggiepie

Invasion of Walrus Land

Wassup GT! Today we logged onto Tea to invade the server Walrus Land. We not only successfully took the server once again, but we actually improved from our last Invasion maxing 16! Good Job GT! Now lets get 17 at our AUSIA Invasion of Clawback Saturday! I’ll see you there!

Max: 16

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Invasion of Lucky

Hello GT! Today we logged onto Alpine to invade the server Lucky. We ended up successfully taking the server with a max of 15! Good Job GT, Now lets hit 15 again in our Invasion of Walrus Land on Thursday!

Max: 15

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Event Results For 6/28/20 – 7/27/20

Hello GT! I have realized that I’ve really been slacking in making posts for this website, There hasn’t been a single event results post for the past month, and for that I apologize. So not only will I do a event results post for our Invasion of Lucky in 2 days, but I will rundown every event we held within this month, because we’ve had some pretty great ones, enjoy!

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