The Silver Counterfeits [A letter of support from Golden Troops]

Hello Golden Troops,

As of right now, our brother allies, the Red Ravagers have declared war against the Silver Empire. Although. the Ravagers have already shown their reasons for their declaration, it’s no secret that we have had our problems with the Silvers in recent months. Due to this, we, the Golden Troops, offer our full 100% support to our brother allies

When Golden Troops was revived and Silver Empire had just been created, both armies grew close with each other and became allies and later joined forces with Red Ravagers and Fighter Pilots to create the Beep Beep Alliance. As part of the Beep Beep Alliance, it was often courteous to attend each others’ events. The support Golden Troops offered to Silver Empire by attending their events was seldom returned at our events. Lately, the Silvers had also falsely accused members enlisted in the army of things that have no evidence to support these accusations and had repeatedly trash talked former GT staff.

Note: Some screenshots provided in the post have had things such as names blocked out due to the privacy reasons!

Lack Of Support at GT Events

While Golden Troops and Silver Empire were allies, as part of the courtesy in the Beep Beep Alliance, we would constantly ping for any events our allies had. Despite agreeing on supporting each other at each armies events, it was often just Golden Troops attending SE events, and SE wouldn’t regularly log on for any events we held, other than the few battles we had here and there against other armies. Along with this, numerous events over the course of the year were rescheduled, just so the Empire could have us, along with all their other allies, attend for their events. But whenever we would host events at the same time as Silvers, they wouldn’t do the same. Excuses such as ‘i’m tired right now’ or ‘it’s been a long day, se’s event has just finished’ would be given each time we had an event in Golden Troops. The amount of excuses she would give to Kattle, Rach and/or Aggie, just so she didn’t have come to any of our events is amazing. Never have I seen someone give so many excuses just to not help their allies at events, despite us going and helping them at almost every single event they hosted.

As you can see from the images linked below, we would regularly post SE’s events in the #allied-events channel (now deleted). After backsearching the logs in GT to see if there was any deleted messages logs from the channel, there was 21 recorded logs of the leaders saying ‘LOG ON FOR SILVER EMPIRES EVENT’ and it would more often than not be followed by a @Golden Troops and @everyone ping to have everyone in the server be made aware. Thank god I managed to have them cut out the pinging for it but even after that, every event for Silver Empire was posted there and we would have our staff and hcom attend if they could. Along with this, when the security scare hit the community during January, we closed our doors temporarily to avoid any possible security concerns involving anyone in the army. Despite knowing that everything was only temporary and that we would be returning at a later date, the leaders would still receive messages from their hcom to log on for their events and even after we had revived, Omsk (Comedy) would continue to message Kattle to come to events, despite not even being allies anymore.

False Accusations

My favorite part of this post. Amber is all about communicating with her staff and making sure that army life and real life have good balance yet she goes and pulls shit like this. It’s crazy to think that this so called force likes to call out people on things that are all false claims. You guys decided to remove Rach from your staff team just cause she couldn’t help out as much due to her laptop being broke. You didn’t even show any sign of consideration towards her and just messaged her one day out of the blue and said she’s being dropped from staff. What’s even more laughable is that Amber herself, despite being the main and only leader of the army she claims is such a loveable and fun atmosphere, can’t even bother to bring herself to Rach’s dms to ask what’s going on and if she needed to step down from staff. You didn’t even have the guts to do it yourself LOL, that’s memeable Amber. You literally had to get your own Higher Command to do the dirty work for you since you want to keep this perfect image of yourself and if it’s damaged you know you wouldn’t be able to gain it back. You also decide to accuse one of your own staff members of attending OUR events, despite them not even being active in the server and hadn’t attended one event in this generation. You claim that others have seen the person at our events, but from the pictures taken at events, along with the events I have attended, not once have I seen them come to one of our events. They were loyal to your army, and you accused them of some things that you couldn’t even back up with evidence. That’s not even the worst part of this LOL. Once again, Amber still didn’t have the audacity to message the member themselves, they had to get another one of their HCOM to send the message. SE also claims that Rach was practically ‘shadow leading’ GT because she had triple dash admin role (—) and that because her role is the highest in the server that that proves she’s shadow leading, They claim that advisors in armies don’t have admin, but if I go to other armies and checked it out and asked the question “Do you guys allow your advisors to have admin”, most of their answers would yes. Rach led GT last generation and Sercan hoisted her role above the — role so that she could hand out the admin role when needed. SE is built upon claiming things that are false and throwing accusations at people without any evidence, thinking that because they say this, they’re right and everyone else is wrong. News Flash, thats not how life works.

They all knew Rach’s laptop was broken, they didn’t care. They claim that she was doing more for Golden Troops than SE, despite us having to chat with her in our leader gc about how she’s turning GT into a similar version of SE, from practically copying how they do their events posts, to introducing similar channels. We had to tell her to stop and that her focus is SE not GT

Manipulation, Playing Favourites and even Corruption?

Dang, This is a fun one to talk about for sure! You see a friend of mine, they joined GT after feeling worthless in SE due to them just basically shitting on them all the time and harassing them whenever they felt like. They showed me a chat they had with a friend of theirs who had a similar experience but less hurtful, and honestly it’s crazy how no one in SE manages to notice the favoritism that goes on in there. Comedy can manage to do whatever she likes to do, despite Amber knowing all about this cause she knows that Amber will say the same lame excuses each time when she gets caught, like what has happened already. Comedy is practically a teacher’s pet, she could get away with anything whenever she likes due to her and Amber being partners in crime of course. They both know what they’re up to and don’t care about it and instead of being normal people and owning up to your actions, they decide to sweep it under the rug and act like nothing happened. Things don’t work like that in life, hopefully some day you’ll realise. When shown the chats of their conversation, it just shows how real the favoritism in the army is. Amber plays along that she’s this nice person and that everything in the army is perfect. Think again Amber, don’t act like you don’t shit on your staff day in day out, don’t pretend that you’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve seen the screenshots, you’re honestly a really rude person and I really hope you someday manage to see that or else you’re gonna having a boring life. “SE is no fun anymore they take things too serious” “Amber has become completely delusional on the army” “It’s literally her [Amber] just being rude and abusing powers smh”. That doesn’t sound like a perfect leader to me, it doesn’t sound like a perfect leader in anyone’s eyes other than yourself.

The images provided below are great examples.

To finish this off, I will once again say that the Golden Troops offer their full support to our brother allies, the Red Ravagers and will help them in any way possible throughout their war against the Silver Empire. And also, don’t act like you’re so great Amber, I’ve seen the way you treat your staff behind the scenes, I’ve seen what you’re really like behind that fake persona you show everywhere. Stop acting like a perfect person and admit you’re in the wrong. Do what you want with this post, reply to it with another useless post you make on your website, meme on it, whatever you decide. It doesn’t bother us, we’re just enjoying running the army the way we are and having fun. Enjoy getting demolished by HF and RR! See you on the battlefield, should you decide to show to RR’s invasions of course.


Golden Troops Advisor

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  1. […] Nowhere in our post did we say never, don’t go putting words in our mouth. It was the constant begging and pleading to go to your events. Whilst it’s okay to ask to join for practice battles and when numbers are looking low, it is not okay to constantly beg other leaders and staff to log on for your events, especially for events as simple as a find four and especially when we were already pinging for your events. You simply wanted us for the numbers and that’s all it seemed like you were using this alliance for. The failing to support other armies got to the point where you just said “log on” in dms and the gc, not even a please or conversation into it. And nonetheless we still came to almost every single event you asked for. There’s a reason why both GT and FP have chosen to support RR and not SE. We aren’t the only ones who felt neglected and abused. You failed to support us the way we supported you. If any readers missed it you can read GT’s support post here. […]


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