Introducing Golden Troops News

Half Pipe, GT News Headquarters – Today is a special day! After many weeks of discussions and planning, the time has finally come to introduce the next chapter in the history of Golden Troops.

When Simmonds arrived into GT, he had tons of ideas and one was to once again revive the CP Cheats section in GT but instead, it would be posted through our Twitter account which he wanted to create. After discussing it with the Golden Council, it was decided that a Golden Troops Twitter page would be created. The aim of the Twitter would be to maximize output for the server and potentially gain new members into our server through this new idea. We had discussed about potentially bringing back the CP Cheats role into the server but after proposing the idea, a new idea popped up, a better idea and a more inclusive idea.

With Posts from every event being posted in the announcements channel and flooding out any important info, and any other small updates flooding out the main announcements, an idea was proposed and the idea was to create a News Channel that would be used to post event results, updates from our Twitter and any other small updates that the server would go through. Weeks of planning were ahead and after finally setting the plan in place, the time had come to introduce it to the public

With this comes a new way of seeing updates and event posts from the server. For every event post released, it will be posted in the #gt-news channel and pinged with a new role you can obtain from the role menu called GT News. The same will happen with Twitter updates that are posted on the Twitter account. With the return of the Golden Warriors, or better known as, Troop of the Week, imminent, naming the Golden Warrior each week will be revealed in a post and an interview will also happen with the Golden Warrior to make the achievement feel more special and rewarding

Although this is basic compared to the way other armies will make their news, with columns and never seen before posts such as the Shamrock Bulletin in ACP or Volcanic Dispatch in Fire Warriors. This will be just a more basic version and simpler version to run while GT is still growing and in the future, it might change into something bigger and better.

Overall, Golden Troops News is a new chapter in the army’s history and hopefully a great new chapter. With more exciting new things on the way to the army, we hope that you enjoy this new chapter and support us through it all

A Golden Summer is happening

Hell will be Unleashed

Golden Council

+Aggiepie whenever she fixes her rank on her sig😂


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