We’ll Carry On | TheMightyA’s Retirement

Here we go again, feels like yesterday i was writing one of these craps. Lets just cut to the chase then, armies suck, and I’m afk af, so i’m retiring. Read more here or if your a reporter feel free to ask me the same exact questions i answered right here in my dms, cause that doesn’t get tedious at all!

Probably should’ve said this earlier but theres some explicit language in here so yah if you aren’t cool with that stuff click off

When I came back June, I saw the army community was finally rising again, and while i was typing my wiki i realized that I didn’t do enough in the army community to feel like I had accomplished enough to retire. I thought if I came back in summer I would have time to accomplish everything i wanted to before school began.

So yeah I was dead wrong

I was even more inactive then than when I was advisor, I didn’t have time to heavily recruit or achieve any like crazy goals.

But sometimes that’s ok, because while it was annoying at times i enjoyed my time here. I learned a lot about time management, fake promises, and fake bitches lmfao. Crazy to think i’m actually learning shit from a PENGUIN GAME.

So why am I leaving now? Simple really, school’s back, and my focus is on more important things now, I don’t have time for this anymore. Mental Health, My Future, School, it sucks but I gotta have priorities or i’ll end up like ganger here when i’m a old man (love ya ganger).

Here’s the obligatory part in retirement posts where I thank people (that i didn’t already thank in my retirement last year) and put some random ass songs.

Neha: God you helped me through so much, words can’t even describe all the shit i gotta thank you for, so thank you ❤️ I’ll be messaging everyday dw

Kyle: I come back into discord for the first time in forever and this random stinky acp dude shows up was weird, but you’ve shown that you truly do care about GT and it’d be long dead if it wasn’t for you. +Respect stinky kyle ✊

Kattle: Did i mention you in the last one? idk, am i gonna do it anyways? Yeah. You came in when I left discord not ready to take in a role but you did it anyways, risking WAY too much to make sure this army stays alive (seriously take a break). Love ya kattle ❤️

Simmonds: before GT we rarely talked, but when you joined you were a really chill dude. A great leader who cares a ton about GT, thank you for making sure we stay alive man ❤️

ASTRO: Same case with you, we talked a bit in ODA but when you joined GT I got to know you much better and your a great guy. I wish you luck with the remaining of your time with GT ❤️

S1: YOUR AFK ASS WONT READ THIS TILL NEXT YEAR BUT IM PUTTING THIS HERE ANYWAYS. Thanks for being such a great HCOM, even the smallest shit you do goes unappreciated. ❤️


Thanks for always being there when we needed help, I’ve created great bonds with some of you guys that I hope my AFK ass can maintain ❤️

The Rest of the army community:

You do realize your playing a Disney game in your 20’s right, touch grass, get a job, please CP is dead just accept it and let it die 😭

And before you ask, no i’m not deleting my account again, I’ll pop in when I feel like it ✌️

Last but not least heres some music

Yeah I stole the title from here

Until next time, but for now, Mighty out.



2 Responses

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  2. […] the evening of September 13th, only two days after the announcement of TheMightyA’s retirement, Neha announced her own. A post was made on the Golden Troops site where she wrote a heartfelt […]



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