Golden Intelligence War; Being The Bigger Person Part 2

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Addressed to Golden Troops and the army community.


You know initially we weren’t gonna release this post but it seems like we need to. To start off I think everyone in this community can agree that this war has gone on for too long. It has become too toxic and frustrating, especially towards the judges. Still, its quite funny that PIC are too small on their own and need the assistance of TCP to help them; pathetic. Funny also how they tried to claim that SS wasn’t following the terms when they broke them themselves. Guess being past allies and kind towards them in every way we could wasn’t enough for their high egos. Like we said before- they will never and have never been the bigger person.


When this war started we thought it would be a typical war, you battle for land and that’s it. But oh no how quickly we were wrong.

In the below screenshot it shows CPAN’s Common Terms of Engagement stating that penalties will be given due to breaking any of the terms below, which includes toxic tactics.

On August 9th during the PIC vs PMA battle for Bobsled, PIC sent the tactic shown in the screenshot below…

We thought this would be a one time thing and let it slide however it wasn’t.

On August 11th during the PIC vs PMA battle for Foggy Rock, PIC sent the various tactics shown below in the screenshots

Not just during battles were they toxic, we received plenty of unnecessary slander during our own events.

On August 6th PIC decided they needed an extra boost to their ego and raided PMA’s freeland invasion of Mittens with this tactic below,

On August 15th Kattle was pinged in ACP’s main chat by SupremeP0wer (leader of PIC) stating this:


Judging Issues/ Wronged Battles

Below shows a screenshot of PIC’s terms of war and below is a list of the following battles that shouldn’t have taken place due to war terms being broken,

PIC war terms

August 2nd, PMA vs PIC battle for Walrus: Myth is IW affiliated, IW are allies of PIC

August 10th, PMA vs PIC battle for Permafrost: 1 judge and no warning about the battle moving forward per already told to be invalid

August 14th, PMA vs PIC battle for Jack Frost: Komodo and Myth are both SS and IW affiliated, SS and IW are both allies of PIC

August 16th, PMA vs PIC battle for Mittens: Myth and Crisy are IW affiliated, Komodo is SS affiliated, IW and SS are both allies of PIC, however unable to decline any due to he 4 hour veto term

August 18th: PMA v PIC battle for Mittens, with two IW affiliated judges; Purple and Myth, judged the battle. Once again it shows how these terms are being broke left right and center.

After August 18th we stopped recording which battles should have been invalid because we decided it wasn’t worth it to attend anymore against an army full of cheats it was a waste of time for us and the judges for a battle that would most likely be deemed in favor of PIC.

PIC as well were able to change the war terms on their own account halfway through the war and choose which terms they wanted to follow and were allowed to, meanwhile we were slandered for following the rules?

While PIC may have broken the war terms we wont lie that we have as well. We did try transferring the land and we also allowed Ice Queen to judge the battle of Deep Snow on August 3rd however, you cannot say that we have broken the war terms more than PIC.


This is a petty war and our name has been dragged through the dirt by them with false accusations, lies, and gaslighting. We tried to play fair but they didn’t want to so until they want a fair war were done playing. Like PIC has stated play by the rules or don’t play at all. It’s quite hilarious how it takes less than a day for a CPAN admin to decide for PIC, but yet when anyone from GT leadership tries asking something, we either get ignored by one admin or else the other admin claims he has said it to the board but two weeks later, here we are still waiting for answers. By saying all of this we will not be accepting any treaties and the Golden Troops hereby relinquish all land and pull out of Club Penguin Army Network.


The Golden Council.


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