One More Time

Addressed to Golden Troops and the Community,

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[US] Final Event of the 9th Generation

Hey hey Golden Troops! Today we logged onto Ascent for the last event of the 9th Generation! We had a chaotically fun time going to the ball pit at the Berg the Stadium, Docks and back to the Cove to end it off! Check out a few event pics below from the final event! ❤

Max: 16

Maximum Size Picture:

Event Pictures:


Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the last event! We hope to see you all again when we revive in December! Until then…

Stay Golden Forever GT as Hell has been Unleashed!


The Golden Council.

Golden Intelligence War; Being The Bigger Person Part 2

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Addressed to Golden Troops and the army community.

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Goodbye For Now….

Hello Golden Troops and friends.

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Its My Time

Honestly I didn’t want to retire like this. I had so much planned and so much I wanted to do still. But real life always comes first.

I loved being in GT, so much. Yes the wars and internal “fights” were stressful, and I definitely have lost more than enough sleep for this damn army. But I don’t regret a thing. I absolutely love the people that keep this army afloat and I’m so glad I was able to meet the people I did while being here. I have so many genuine friends here, some that are really special. I can’t thank them enough for letting me join their family, and letting me help fix this ol’ rag tag team. I’m so happy I was able to lead another army again, it was nice to see what my “leadership” abilities could achieve. Defiantly most proud of keeping Kattle and Kyle in check, because those two are the definition of Idiots. Let me tell you, back when I first started to help GT in late March, these kids were running around like headless chickens. It was funny, but extremely worrisome. I know you might not see it, but I’m so proud of how we have grown and how much we were able to achieve. “Think smarter not harder” is my motto. Don’t get me wrong, Kattle was the main deal- the reason GT is able to stay alive and thrive. She won’t ever admit it and will kill me for saying this, but that girl is the most hardworking kid I’ve ever met. It was a whole rollercoaster being with these kids but it was a lot of fun.

I’m going to be honest with y’all I don’t know if I’ll be back or not. Hopefully, yes I will but only time will tell. And no, I’m not retiring because of the wars, or because Mighty retired (though I do miss him), or because some internal drama. I’m retiring for my own personal irl reasons. I hope I’ll still have time to help out here and there but the realization dawned on me that I have to get my shit together. I can’t stay here if I’m so overwhelmed with my own personal struggles. #mentalhealthb-words. We all like to shit on armies, about being here- whatnot. But you gotta admit there is something to it thats addicting, working with friends to help grow this small weird place.

I’m proud of what I was able to do here in the small time I was here in GT. I’ll be back, maybe.

Thank you….

To the Golden Troops…. for being such an amazing family that welcomed me with open arms

To BoMoBuddy….for being one of the funniest and most genuine people to come out of armies. You do amazing things and you’re so hard working. You’re starting to grow in confidence and its starting to show, I’m so proud of you ❤

To Zamb…. for always giving me the best advice when I need it and being the person to talk sense into me when I need it.

To Red Ravagers… for being my home for so long, for everything I was able to thrive off of. The family I made there, the bond will never be broken. I love each and every one of you that has come from that army. I’ll cherish those memories forever

To Golden Council….. aka the biggest idiots I’ve ever met. Simmonds, yes while you weren’t around that much it was always funny to hear about how weird your day is. You knew how to help with the simplest of things and I truly hope your neighbors will keep it down. Astro, you came pretty recently but your funny useless comments here and there brought a lot of tense moments down. And forever I’ll be grateful for it Kyle, I still can’t believe I was afraid of you when we first met. Your like the most harmless, annoying little idiot. We all have our fights here and there but at the end of the day we all love you. Probably the best advisor out there. Mighty, you little simp ❤ whilst you were AFK 2/3 of the time you still were around for the funny moments. I truly enjoy when we would annoy kattle together and make her just o-o, you’re my biggest supporter and I’m forever grateful for you. Finally I’ll join you in retirement island. Kattle, you absolute bafoon you are. Like the biggest idiot I’ve ever met, you’ll never not be confused. I swear it’s so hard just trying to explain simple topics to you. You’re my best friend here and I’ll forever cherish our epic idiot duo. I love you all so so so much and I’m so thankful for everything these people have done for me.

To Maxie….for everything ❤

Theres a lot of you that have done so much for me, and I’ll be forever thankful.


Goodbye and farewell, until I see you again.

We’ll Carry On | TheMightyA’s Retirement

Here we go again, feels like yesterday i was writing one of these craps. Lets just cut to the chase then, armies suck, and I’m afk af, so i’m retiring. Read more here or if your a reporter feel free to ask me the same exact questions i answered right here in my dms, cause that doesn’t get tedious at all!

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[US] Invasion of East Shoreline

Hey hi Golden Troops! Earlier this morning we logged onto Ascent to invade the last land from the stinky Post Malone Army! We headed to the Docks to which the Post Malone Army didn’t show up making us win their land! Check out a few event pics below!

Max: 6

Event Pictures:

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[US] Invasion of Pine Needles

Hey hey Golden Troops! On September 7th we logged onto Ascent to do a bit of trolling with our invasion on PIC… Although we didn’t have a successful invasion it was definitely a fun one! Check out a few event pics below from the battle!

Max: 4

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[US] Invasion of Sleddy Peninsula

Hey hey Golden Troops! Yesterday on August 2nd we logged onto Ascent to battle it out with the stinky Post Malone Army! We had tons of fun dancing around in the Night Club as PMA decided to not show making us win their land! Check out a few event pics below from the battle!

Max: 6

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[UK] Invasion of Mittens

Heyooo Golden Troops! Earlier today we logged onto Abominable to face off with PIC for their server Mittens! We went to the Light house, Dojo, and Forts battling it out. Unfortunately we didn’t get their land but had tons of fun! Check out a few event pics below from the battle!

Max: 9

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