If you would like to receive a rank in the Golden Troops, you must join the discord server linked at the top of the site’s main page and then you will be given the ‘Private’ rank



Golden Troops Ranks

Red= This person lives in the UK/EUR regions

Blue= This person lives in the US/CA regions

Green = This person lives in AUSIA/OCEANIC regions

Leaders of the Golden Troops


US-O10 insignia.svg Leader in Training US-O10 insignia.svg


US-O9 insignia.svg 2ic US-O9 insignia.svg


US-O8 insignia.svg 3ic US-O8 insignia.svg





First Lieutenant  


Second Lieutenant


Warrant Officer
 Gobo | Koopa

Chief Warrant

Warrant Major


Chief Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Master Sergeant

Sergeant 1st Class

Army-USA-OR-06.svg Staff Sergeant Army-USA-OR-06.svg

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Sergeant Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Army-USA-OR-06.svg Golden General Army-USA-OR-06.svg


Supreme Specialist

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Golden Specialist Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Army-USA-OR-04a.svg Corporal Army-USA-OR-04a.svg

Lance Corporal

Major Colonel


Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Second Class Army-USA-OR-02.svg

Private First Class

Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Army-USA-OR-02.svg

Army-USA-OR-09a.svg Godfathers: Army-USA-OR-09a.svg

Sercan | Jerry | Riotors 

Army-USA-OR-09a.svg Advisors: Army-USA-OR-09a.svg

 Kyle, Aggiepie, Satchmo, Neha

8 Responses

  1. Why was I removed from ranks?


    • You may have been removed on accident, I’m not sure. Could have been a number of reasons.

      1) You might have not been very active (i.e. not on chat) so we may have just thought you left.

      2) You may have been removed on accident and were not meant to be removed.

      3) There could’ve been removed for a more serious reason. If this was the case, I wouldn’t know as I was not the one to remove you.

      Come on GT chat when you can and we’ll sort it out.


      • ok sorry I was on a hunting trip so I was unable to go on the chat and I think it is because I made an application and I am still deciding on whether I want it to go through or not. Sorry I wasn’t thinking when I wrote the comment lol.


  2. this army is the best


  3. yep, it is.


  4. Why I am I not 3ic ~ben5584-


  5. could you plz put my rank on there my name is penguino779 btw this is my one and only army now and I really want to be higher than private if you can thanks comment and tell me thanks


  6. where is my comment?



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