Golden Pride Parade {EU}

Hey Golden Troops! Today we logged on the partake in the Pride Parade! We had an incredible time battling different armies within the community! Thank you to everyone who came! See below for a few pictures from the event!
Max: 4

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Practice Battle with Fire Warriors {EU}

Hey Golden Troops! On June 3rd, We logged on to CPR for a friendly practice Battle with the Fire Warriors! We sadly lost but put up a good fight! Thank you to everyone who came! See below for a few pictures from the event!
Max: 6

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May 2021 Updated CPR Uniform

For our current Uniform check out this post

Hey Golden Troops!

I’m here to bring you a quick and easy guide on how to get our uniform on Club Penguin Rewritten for the month of May!

This uniform will be potentially changed/updated again once new items come out in the clothes catalogs!

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Practice Battle vs PIC

Hey Golden Troops! Today we logged onto Crystal in our battle vs PIC! It was lots of fun battling our qt allies! Thank you so much to Aggie for leading her last event as leader, we love you! Check out a few pics below from the event too!

Max: 7

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AUSIA Battle Training

Hey Golden Troops! Today we logged onto the server Crystal for some training before our Practice Battle tomorrow against our allies PIC! We had loads of fun on the Cove and Docks as Kiddo lead his first awesome event of this generation! Make sure to congratulate him in chat!

Max: 9

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Practice Battle with Templars

Hey Golden Troops. Today we logged on for a PB with Templars! It was our first PB of the new Generation and of HTML5. Thank you to all that attended! See Below for pics from the battle!

MAX: 9

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[US] Golden Expedition

Hey Golden Troops! Today we logged on for an adventure theme event! We travelled to the Docks, Inside Mine and the Berg! Thank you to everyone who attended! See below for pictures!

MAX: 5

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If you are a veteran of GT and would like to join the server to see the new generation of troops and even talk with some of the other vets, join the discord server.

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Revival Event

Good Evening Golden Troops! Today we logged on to Ascent for our Revival Event. It was a fun event to start of the new generation of such a Legendary Army! The Golden Troops waddled through the Stadium, Mine and finally the Docks! Huge thank you to Kattle11, Rach, Aggiepie and Kyle for leading the event and for all of those who came! We hope this is one of the best generations of GT ever! See Below for some pictures from the event!

MAX: 13

Golden Troops doing EQ
Golden Troops doing EW
Golden Troops with their catchphrase “Can’t see you we shine too bright”

What do YOU think, do you think this generation of GT will be a success, Let us know down below! Also Keep and eye on the discord for more events soon to come!




Earlier this week, CPR released codes which you can get coins and exclusive items from, as well as a cool pin for your player card!

Read below for details on how to get them!

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