[UK/US] Invasion of Snow Ball

Hello Golden Troops!

On Wednesday July 21st, we logged on for third invasion this week, this time it was the invasion of Snow Ball! After successfully defeating Medieval Warriors in our previous two events, we managed to successfully invade this free land and claim it as our own! Thanks to everyone who came!

Max: 8

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[US] Invasion of Polar Bear

Hey there Golden Troops! Just a few hours before our ausia event we logged on to Crystal for another invasion of the CPAN Map. We successfully invaded Polar Bear and achieved a great max! Thanks for coming 😀

Max: 9

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[US] Invasion of Ice Cube

Helloooo Golden Troops! On July 20th we logged onto Ascent for another invasion of the Medieval Warriors land! The multiloggers didn’t show making us win their capital and having a force treaty with them! Check out a few pics from the invasion below!

Max: 7

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[US] Invasion of Ice Rink

Hello fellow Golden Troops! On this fine evening today we logged onto Crystal to gain some more land for the new map! This time being Ice Rink! We had a chilly good time with the wonderful Bri leading some awesome tactics! Check out a few event pics below from the event!

Max: 5

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